Racing Sails

I’ve been racing yachts since I was 12 years old. I read everything I could. Lived it, breathed it. Raced everything from dinghies to keelboats, one design and development.

Racing is the ultimate test of the standard of your sails…shape, quality and workmanship. You don’t win without fast sails and I’ve had great success over the years with numerous State and National titles being won by my racing sails.


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Your sails need to be designed and made to suit you, your boat and rig, and where you will be racing. It means different luff curves for different masts and rig settings or perhaps a variation in seam shaping for different weight combinations or sailing conditions, both wind and wave.
Making a racing sail is a fine art and also demanding technical precision, where half a millimetre can make the difference between fast and slow. Extremely critical is the most basic element..the joining of seams. The slightest diversion from a fairly curved seam line can result in a bumpy, slow sail. My sails are made with attention to detail, making sure they are a fast and smooth shape and also made to last without overbuilding. Careful reinforcement of battens, seams and edges mean you won’t lose a race because of an unnecessary breakdown.

If you want personal attention to your sails, give me a call to discuss your racing needs.

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