Cruising Sails

Real world cruising experience goes into my cruising sails. In 2009 and 2010 I sailed Central America and the Pacific in my yacht Dagmar. See the blog here

As well as my own hands on experience and from talking to many other cruising friends, I have 30 years of building and repairing cruising sails. By seeing what breaks, what wears out and what lasts, I can build a better sail for You.


Building your Sails

Cruising sails need to last, be easy to handle, strong yet not too heavy, shaped to suit your boat and the type of cruising you want to do, whether it’s day sailing a lake or bay, short hops along our coasts, or crossing an ocean. You want sails to move you in the lightest winds, cover all wind angles and get you through the heavy stuff.

There’s many options to consider in choosing a sail that suits your needs…short batten, full batten, slugs, slides and bolt rope, furlers, hanks, UV protection, spinnakers, asymmetrics, light air sails and storm gear to name a few. I can help you navigate the maze and choose what’s right for you and your boat.

Give me a call to discuss your cruising. I’m always happy to talk about cruising life!


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